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During your visit in Croatia, you will discover a relatively small but very beautiful country. Croatia is a country with much geographical and natural diversity on a small land surface. 
You will find here many historical and cultural monuments, and you will be impressed by the Croatia's natural beauty. Historical cities, rustic castles, picturesque villages, mountains, rivers, and our beautiful Adriatic coast will suprise you. 
Croatia has 1,777 km of coastline, 1,246 islands, 7 UNESCO protected sites, 8 national parks. 10 nature parks and many other things of interest.

Last year Lotos Hymer celebrated its 20th anniversary!

Our journey into the unknown began in 2003, when we founded the first company specialized in the rental and sale of recreational vehicles in Croatia.

We would like to thank everyone with whom we have collaborated along the way, our employees and associates, suppliers, partner companies and of course all clients!

That's why Lotos Hymer continue to prepare numerous news and packages of special offers for camper rental with various benefits and discounts.

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MONTH of Love and Carnivals

valid until 29 February
discount on daily rental price up to  40%

valid until 28 March
promotional rental price per day 100 e
WINTER Surprise

valid until 28 March
discount on daily rental price up to  60%